The consequences of TTP and atypical HUS make rapid diagnosis and clinical intervention critical; therefore, increased availability of a diagnostic test for ADAMTS13 activity is extremely important in delineating between TTP and atypical HUS  In an effort to achieve this goal, the following centres are now providing timely (24-48  hour) turnaround of ADAMTS13 testing.

Note: blood draws for ADAMTS13 activity testing should be done prior to commencing plasma-based therapy.


Vancouver General Hospital
Tyler Smith, MD, MHSc, FRCPC

Hematopathology Laboratory
JPPN, Room 1557
Vancouver General Hospital
910 10th Ave W
Vancouver, BC V5Z 4E3



University of Calgary
Marvin J Fritzler, PhD, MD

Mitogen Advanced Diagnostics Laboratory
Faculty of Medicine, HRB431
University of Calgary, 3330 Hospital Dr NW
Calgary, AB T2N 4N1



London Health Sciences Centre
Sheila Bouwmeester, ART

Hemostasis and Thrombosis Laboratory
London Health Sciences Centre, 800 Commissioners
Rd E, Room D1-210
London, ON N6A 5W9

519.685.8300 ext 52526


Jane Moore, ART, BSc
Research Co-ordinator

McMaster Platelet Immunology, HSC 3H42
1200 Main St. W
Hamilton, ON L8S 4K1

905.525.9140 ext 22414


University Health Network
Lesley Black, ART
Charge Technologist

Coagulation Laboratory
University Health Network
200 Elizabeth St.
Toronto, ON M5G 2C4

416.340.4800 ext 8305


St. Michael’s Hospital
Hina Chaudhry, BSc, MLT

Special Coagulation
Department of Laboratory Medicine
30 Bond Street
Toronto, ON  M5B 1XB

Lab Manager: Victor Leung


University of Montreal
Arnaud Bonnefoy, PhD
Professeur-Chercheur Adjoint,
Départment de Pédiatrie, Faculté de Mèdecine
Université de Montréal
Responsable due développment scientifique

Laboratoire d’Hémostase CHU Sainte-Justine
3175 Cô-Sainte-Catherine
Montréal, QC H3T 1C5

514.345.4931 ext 3526